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The Vibe Studios brings positive energy, hard work and a productive creative space to  every client we come in contact with. 

Good Vibes Only. 

From Recording Sessions, to mixing and mastering... we've got you covered. 



" I love recording at The Vibe Studios. This spot has such great energy. My most recent single 'Steady Cup' was recorded, mixed and mastered there. Check it out on Spotify. Great quality."

- DeVante Myles

Audio mixing

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Mixing And Mastering Audio

 When a mix-down of a song consists of more than 24 tracks, there is an added fee of $2. per track. For example, if your project has 7 songs, and each of those songs have 48 tracks, the mixing rate would be $138 per song.             

$2 x 24 = 48                           

$90 + $48 = $138/song.